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Free Towing with Major Repairs


Brake Repairs and Inspections in Las Vegas, NV

If you wait for brake problems to get serious before taking the car to a mechanic, you may be gambling thousands of dollars in repairs--especially if those problem brakes contribute to an accident.

If your brakes feel unusual or are making a noise you don't recognize, take them to The Auto Clinic and let us get your brakes back to a clean bill of health. Located in Las Vegas, NV, The Auto Clinic is your trusted hometown mechanic for all of your car's needs.

Don't Get Wrecked; Get It Checked!

You need to be able to depend on your brakes. Whether your brakes are giving you reason for concern or you just want to keep your brake pads and shoes maintained or replaced, The Auto Clinic is the place to turn. We'll give you an honest assessment of your brakes' condition. Guaranteed.