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Free Towing with Major Repairs


Automotive Engine Repair in Las Vegas, NV

Make your car last longer with complete engine maintenance and repair from The Auto Clinic in Las Vegas, NV. Keeping your engine properly maintained is crucial to keeping your car running for years to come.

From regular tune-ups to air filters to fuel system cleaning, The Auto Clinic does it all!

Check Engine Light On? Bring It In!

Don't ignore your car when it's trying to tell you something's wrong. We offer a free 30 minute diagnostic so that we can show you what's wrong with your car. Whether it's as minor as a loose gas cap or as serious as worn or blown parts, we've got you covered.

Regular Maintenance

The most cost effective way to keep your car running smoothly is to make sure it is regularly brought in for routine maintenance and tune-ups. From cleaning your injection to swapping out spark plugs, we make sure your car is ready for the long haul.